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Colonial Life Insurance Review / Complaint - Posted By: Nancy

Important information if you have a policy on your child.   I feel the need to express to others the fraud that I have experienced after viewing my claim on line due to a recent illness claim I had filed.  To my amazement, my daughter was sill on my accident claim that was taken out in 1995 when she was 15 years old with and ending date when she turned 19 years old.   I was not happy and had to prove that my daughter was not going on "32" years old and they still were taking money from my paycheck for 13 years when she was not even eligible?    With that said, reporting their business/extortion practices within our state and relentless attempts to retrieve my money they took paid off and they returned over $900+ to me with interest and closed the complaint.   When I had complained about them issuing a check for my most recent illness claim in a timely fashion, they all of a sudden brought up nonsense about a policy I upgraded a few years back (when their own agent told me my daughter was not on my policy anymore) yet Colonial insisted my daughter has an "extended policy." This is a new policy so beware, I had all the paperwork to back up my claim! They have tried to harass me to "explain" their reasoning/extortion, I have no desire to speak or listen to them.  As long as they do not take any more money from my paycheck they can keep my daughter on my policy until she is 40,50,60+ years old!    Buyer Beware Tip: Please check your policies periodically if you have grown children that are not eligible as they will never inform you of this scam. It may be just a couple of dollars although over years adds up as you can see!   

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